The Debate of Birthright Citizenship


I was looking at current events in Latin America, and I stumbled across something that was very interesting:

The 14th amendment states that those born in the United States are automatically United States citizens. This, however, is moving to the forefront of issues as Donald Trump stated that he wished to change/remove this amendment. He believes that people are taking advantage of the system by having children, “anchor babies”, in the United States so that they themselves can stay in the United States. Although it is a noble cause to try to get a better life for your family, it is still cheating the system. This, as Trump says, is a major cause of illegal immigration.

For now, support is growing for the reform or removal of the 14th Amendment. However, from what I have seen, attempts to change the constitution are normally unsuccessful. That said, I do not know whether or not this will turn out to be a good decision or a bad decision to change it, and I am unsure whether or not these changes will fix the problems which it is “supposed” to fix. Personally, my suspicions are that it will not fix these problems. Rather, it will inflame the situation and will cause more illegal immigration into the United States.

Hopefully the proponents of this change to the constitution have thought it out completely, and hopefully the positives will REALISTICALLY outweigh the negatives. Anything can look good on paper, it is the actual implementation that matters.

Thanks for reading!

Stephen Fisenne

For more information, check this link CNN Politics.


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