8.3 Magnitude Earthquake in Chile Causes Chaos

Just a little over five years after the massive 8.8 earthquake that killed 500 and caused a tsunami, Chile has once again been hit by an earthquake. This time, the quake struck offshore, but its effects are being felt on land. Just 28 miles away in the city of Illapel, the earthquake caused the displacement of the local people because of flooding and loss of electricity.

Since the quake struck off shore, waves have been hitting the coast of Chile causing flooding in the streets. The Chilean government is calling for the evacuation of people that live on the coast in order to protect them from the aftermath of this natural disaster. In the 2010 quake, the government did not fully warn the people the full danger of being near the quake zone nor the incoming tsunamis. After learning their lesson, the government is taking full precaution to protect their people.

Hopefully the aftermath of this quake does not cause much destruction. With better awareness, Chileans now can be prepared for the effects of this natural disaster.

Source: http://www.nytimes.com/reuters/2015/09/16/world/americas/16reuters-chile-quake.html?ref=world&_r=0

Posted by Iris Brewer


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