Brazil and the Syrian Civil War

One of the major headlines in the world today is the refugee crisis in many Europe countries. Many of these refuges are fleeing a turbulent life in the Middle East, with many leaving the country of Syria. The Middle Eastern country is in the middle of a violent civil war that is making daily life basically a constant warzone. While many of the immigrants are trying to make it to the wealthiest nations in Europe, like Germany, in Latin America the main destination is the country of Brazil.

Since the start of the Syrian Civil War, over 2,000 Syrians have relocated to Brazil. Before this conflict arose in 2011, there were only sixteen Syrian refugees living in the country. So this number has increased dramatically in the past four years. Syria has been granted almost 8,000 visas by the Brazilian embassy. An account by one of the refugees recounts the daily horrors of life in Syria. A car explosion was witnessed by the daughter of the refugee. The explanation for relocating was not one of wanting to but out of necessity. Loss of normal habits, like sleep, has caused many people to see that, even though they love their homeland, it is not worth dying there in Syria.

The landscape of the refugee community in Brazil has been changed due to the Syrian War. The Latin American country has donated money, food, and medicine to the war torn nation. While the main focus of the refugee crisis has been on Europe, attention needs to be turned Brazil and their changing landscape due to the Syrian Civil War. Even though, in Europe, it is seen as a hard choice to accept the vast number of refugees, Brazil is making a positive impact in Syria.

The link to the article is posted below.


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