What the Marginalized Teach us About Revolution and Political Culture

The marginalized, a term used to express a small or underwhelming group of people who are considered rather insignificant, are actually something of great importance. As seen in Veracruz, Mexico in the 1920’s, they can make a huge impact on not only their own lives, but the lives of those around them.

Veracruz was important for two main reasons: It showed that the marginalized can cause a revolution, and it showed that the marginalized can change political culture. In this particular case, the marginalized were female prostitutes. They began their protests because of the grossly inflated rent payments they had to pay because of the lack of government enforcement. However, through their determination, they brought their movement to an enormous scale.

What this teaches us, though, is that the marginalized are not insignificant. It shows us that the call for revolution can be heard by the quietest of voices, and that the culture of politics can be changed after enough of these voices are repeated by those with sympathetic hearts and voices of lions. However, through other events in history, we can see that without the support of these louder voices, the marginalized will remain as such.

The main teaching that I took away from this event which I believe others should focus on as well is that for all to succeed, it is necessary to garner the support of others who are considered to be both above and below you.

Thanks for reading!

Stephen Fisenne


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