A Message to the Pope


On Pope Francis’ first official visit to the United States, an unexpected but very important event took place. Sofia Cruz broke through the masses to deliver a letter to the Pope. While she was first escorted back to the crowd by security, the Pope called her back, accepting her letter, hugging and kissing her. She then returned to her father while the crowd roared around her.

Sofia told reporters that her letter was concerning the heavily disputed human rights issue of illegal immigrants.

She said that she wrote the letter about the five million children in the US like herself whose immigrant parents could be deported.
She also included a drawing with a message in Spanish that translates: “My friends and I love each other no matter our skin colour.”


The Pope has already showed in his earlier visit to congress that he is very much concerned with human rights and it will be interesting to see how this esteemed figure’s words affect the decisions of those who oppose immigration.

Posted by Sophie Terry



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