One Year Anniversary of the Abduction of 43 Mexican Students

Today marks the one year anniversary of the kidnapping by police of 43 university students in the town of Iguala in Mexico. This showed the world that Mexico still is plagued with corruption in the government that is supposed to be protecting their citizens. On this one year mark, Al Jazeera talked with an anonymous witness to the horrible acts. Throughout the interview, the sense of fear that troubles many of the population can still be felt. The woman showed immense bravery by speaking out of the events that occurred because, with corruption still rampant in the Mexican government, the same thing could happen to her.

She recalled the events of that fateful night with fluidity like it had just occurred. One of the most chilling parts of her story is when the students, who were unarmed, were screaming for help. Fearing for their own safety, the witnesses were stuck in their shops because of gunfire that had hit their businesses. The students, who were from out of town, were being tortured by special-forces of the police force. The woman remembers that the only thing left after the abduction were fingers that had been cut off of the students. This woman, along with other residents of the community, is still afraid of the corruption of the government because of its ability to cover-up such horrific events.


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