What you did not know about the Pope

Seems like a trivial post.  Something that one would see on Buzzfeed or something, but I actually believe that some of the things listed in this article about the Pope is necessary to learn for those of us who are not Catholic.  Catholicism has a great influence on the Latin American countries and on the United States, so learning all you can about the Pope may be beneficial.

If anything, maybe this post will give you something to tell your friends on a Saturday night.

  1. El Papa is Spanish for Pope, however put la in front of that papa and you are talking about a potato.  I do not think the Pope would appreciate that so much.
  2. Pope Francis is from Argentina, but he is of Italian heritage.
  3. He loves some tango.
  4. He also loves Futball… Not American football.  He loves his hometown soccer club, San Lorenzo Football Club.
  5. While Pope Francis is in the United States, he will be speaking 14 of the 18 in Spanish.  Even took mass in Spanish.
  6. Pope Francis has a sweet tooth. But really who doesn’t?
  7. He will canonize a priest. The first in the United States. He’ll be canonizing Junípero Serra, an 18th century Spanish priest who founded missions in what is now the state of California.
  8.  He was a bouncer at a bar while in college in Argentina.
  9. He is affectionately called Papa Pancho.
  10. You shout this at the Pope, “Papa Francisco, ¡estamos contigo!” (Pope Francis, we are with you!).”

Now have fun and explore more about what the Catholic church does to better your own community.



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