“They Were Taken Alive, We Want Them Back Alive.”

Citizens of Mexico have been chanting, “they were taken alive, we want them back alive,” since last year when forty three students disappeared.  The believed reason behind the disappearance is due to the gangs and crooked cops.  Earlier this year Mexico was ranked number three on an armed conflict survey.  This put Mexico behind Syria and Iraq.  In this article they go almost as far as calling Mexican president Pena Nieto a “dictator, but not quite a dictator.”

They believe that the way Nieto remains in control is by the fear of the gangs and allowing drug trafficking to continue on.  Former president had declared of a war of drugs, but in 2015, Nieto has done very little to make any advancements on this war.

Mexico before was not as violent as it is today.  Policies that require violence to combat violence are in place.  The forty three students that have been missing is just one of the casualties that has taken place in Mexico and this was met with a march through the center of Mexico that was also centered around no more deaths or disappearances, and the blame is all to President Nieto.


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