Mexican Satire of Donald Trump

The presidential campaign of Donald Trump has caused many people within the United States and Mexico to become upset because of his views of people from the Latin American country being nothing more than criminals. Even though Trump’s views are clearly untrue, many people are trying to combat these insulting remarks with humor. Throughout Mexico, musicians and app developers are using art and technology to make fun of the presidential hopeful. People are selling pinatas in the likeness of Trump so people can their frustrations out with every swing. The most visible form of using humor in response to his comments is a play entitled “The Donald.”

The play, which last an hour and a half, mocks Donald Trump and how he has run his campaign. The actors, dressed with hairpieces to match the billionaire’s, are making fun of the elite lifestyle that is expected of a man with this much wealth. Rather than becoming angry and protest the insulting remarks, people in Mexico are instead choosing to take a humorous approach to this issue. The same kind of elitism that Trump is famous for is also similar to extremely wealthy families in Mexico. The play, while focusing mainly on Trump, is representative of the powerful in the country. While people in Mexico are trying to make fun of Trump’s views, some people are angry that he is so high in the presidential polls. People who support Trump’s kind of misguided opinions make it hard for the truth to come to light and for Hispanic people to come into America. Trump is viewing people from Mexico negatively as criminals which Hispanics to try to laugh it off but it is becoming more difficult with the growing support of the presidential hopeful.


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