Brazil Hosts First Ever World Indigenous Games

imagesToday marks the first day of the first ever World Indigenous Games. Hosted by Brazil, the games will take place in northern city of Palmas and will continue until October 31st. Some 2,000 athletes will be participating from a variety of indigenous ethnic groups from a total of 30 different countries.

The competitions will include well known Handmade Software, Inc. Image Alchemy v1.14sports like football, as well as traditional sports such as archery, canoeing, spear tossing, and a foot race through the forest. There will also be non-competitive events showcasing the many different traditionsof indigenous ethnic groups involved, such as a football-style game called xikunahity in which the ball is controlled only with the head, played in the Matto Gross region of Brazil.

From Brazil alone, 24 different indigenous 1028978226groups are taking part. Along with the indigenous tribes across the Americas, delegates from Russia, Australia, The Phillipeans, Ethiopia, and New Zealand will also be participating

However it seems not everyone is on
imagesboard with this celebration. Some indigenous people are protesting the event, saying that the money used for the games would have been better spent on actually improving the lives of the indigenous people instead of showcasing them.

Posted By: Sophie Terry


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