Cuba and Political Dissidents

In Cuba, a prisoner of conscious, Danilo Maldonado, also known as “El Sexto,” was recently released from prison. Originally for disrespecting the Castro brothers, he spent ten months in prison, starting in December of 2014, for planning an art exhibit that took influence from the George Orwell book “Animal Farm.” While in prison, many came to the support of the graffiti artist, like the human rights NGO, Amnesty International, and Cuban-American Senator, Robert Menendez. Many other prisoners of conscious were released back when Obama and Raul Castro began talks to establish diplomatic ties.

The imprisonment of Maldonado shows that Cuba still does not have the freedom to express dissident opinions focused towards the government. One Cuban group has estimated that as many as 70 prisoners of conscious are in Cuban prisoners. Maldonado is an example of this repression that is focused against the Cuban population. President Obama has made it a priority to stress the importance of Cuba creating an environment for dissident opinions in order to make the US Congress to be willing to create trade agreements and diplomatic relations.

Posted By: Brent Hunsucker


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