Guatemala’s New President

In Guatemala, the new run-off election for president has been won by Jimmy Morales.  Mr. Morales is a known comedian of fourteen years without any experience in the political field.  In fact, Morales has a degree in Business Administration!  Even though Morales is highly against abortions and possibly a racist and homophobic, he still won majority of the votes coming in with 67.4% of the vote!  Morales was up against Sandra Torres who was formally married to a previous president.  She ran social programs for the state, but even then was not popular with the voters.

Morales claims to be an ordinary common man.  He is an Evangelical Protestant and on top of that advocates that his lack of experience and knowledge in the political field will allow for changes and policy and that because of this there may be a way to reform the government.

Torres on the other hand, seems to have  been highly unfavorable and even apart of some scandals when she divorced former president and husband, Colom in 2011.  She may have been favored in highly rural areas, but majority of the voters claimed that they were tired of the same faces in the government who continue to get rich off of them.

Hopefully due to this risk, corruption will be less.


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