Women Refugees- Not Just From Syria

In the news for the past few weeks, the Syrian refugee crisis has been discussed frequently. The storyline of people leaving a place of oppression in hopes of reaching a place of safety is timeless.

Another large source of refugees is from Central American women. They are being violently attacked and abused in their home countries and see the United States as a place to protect them. In return, Americans usually are insensitive to these women’s needs and advocate for better border control. Leaving this large amount of fleeing women out of the United States keeps them susceptible to the violent forces that drove them out in the first place.

This situation is close to home and is rapidly becoming a crisis that if it remains unchecked can cause enormous amounts of issues for the Western Hemisphere.

Source: http://www.buzzfeed.com/rossalynwarren/women-are-fleeing-violence-in-central-america-as-another-ref#.qqRYWLvmo


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