FARC and Colombian Government Peace Talks

Since 1964, Colombia has been in the middle of an armed conflict between the national government and a group of revolutionaries, known collectively as FARC. This group, which has engaged in acts of terrorism in the past fifty years, has tried to initiate a peasant revolution in order to install a Marxist government. The Colombian government, led by President Juan Manuel Santos, is seeking to engage in a bilateral truce with the rebel group. FARC has been in a unilateral ceasefire and has put pressure on the government to join them, but the government has not agreed to this action.

The peace talks between the two sides have entered into their third year of existence with both sides convening in Havana, Cuba. So far in the agreements, the political actions of the FARC, land rights, drug trafficking, and transitional justice have all been negotiated by both sides. The deadline that President Santos gave for signing the peace deadline is six months. With hundreds of thousands of people killed and thousands more internally displaced, the entering into a peace agreement would bring an end to a 51 year conflict between FARC and the Colombian government. The end of this conflict, which is the only one of its kind in Latin America still in existence, would be a historic day for the advancement of the nation of Colombia.


Posted by Brent Hunsucker


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