Rival Gangs Clash Over Cockfights in Mexico


Twelve people were killed and five were injured on Sunday at a cockfighting event held in Guerrero, Mexico. It is suspected that the shooting was a result of a conflict between rival gangs that unfortunately reached the public level, even killing two children.

“The assailants arrived at the scene in several pick-up trucks and starting shooting shortly after the cockfight began”, AG’s office spokesmen told EFE.

“All the evidence collected so far indicates the attack was carried out rival criminal groups,” said state prosecutor Miguel Angel Godinez.

The possibility remains that the victims were in some way affiliated with these gangs, which would provide investigators with a motive for the shooting.

Cuajinicuilapa Mayor Constantino Garcia has taken action, sending additional state police to the funerals of the victims in case the violence continues there.

Still, there isn’t much else authorities can do on the matter. This event illustrates how prevalent and powerful the gang problem has become in Mexico and brings back memories of similar acts of violence against presumably innocent bystanders, such as the disappearance of the 43 students that has brought about countless protests and demonstrations. It is safe to say that no one is really safe in a place where gangs have greater social, financial, and political power than government authorities.

Posted by Sophie Terry




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