Mob Killing in Rio de Janeiro

Thirty-three year old seller of ice, Fabiano Machado da Silva, was found dead early Sunday morning next to General Osorio Square.

Sources and family members say that he was intoxicated at a party when the events played out.  Witnesses at the party say that he was harassing a female at the party and became violent when he was rejected.  This evidence was backed up when footage was seen of the ice man throwing a metal bar at two women.

After that three men that soon became a group of ten people jumped in and began chasing, kicking and punching Mr. da Silva.

Hours later, his family began receiving messages from the aggressors that he “got what he deserved”

The da Silva family believe this is an act of savagery instead of justice despite their family members actions considering random party goers joined in without knowing the premise of the fight.

The question is, who exactly is the victim in this scenario and was justice served for Mr. da Silva and what will the outcome be in the court system?


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