World’s Largest Latin American Art Museum

Gary Nader is on his way to promote the world’s largest Latin American Art Museum.  Sources say that he has wanted to do this for about 30 years and is just now able to start the project.  It plans to open in 2018 in Miami, Florida, and will contain about 2000 pieces from 190 different Latino artists.

“The architect will be Fernando Romero, the son-in-law and same architect who designed Carlos Slim’s extravagant Museo Soumaya in Mexico City. Included in the design plans is a 1,600-seat performing arts theater conceived by Emilio Estefan Jr. and a “culinary experience” restaurant which would occupy 25,000 square feet of the ground floor.” -NBC News

To help fund the museum they will also be a hotel attached to it.  From the architecture, theater, and the hotel, it will be infused with Latino culture.  It is a massive global move.  It is a statement that the United States is moving towards an even more global mindset.  Historically, after decades of trying to suppress other cultures, it is a great statement for the United States to host this museum.


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