Gareca, who took Argentina to Mexico 1986 WC, could now flip roles on his 1986 feat. 

Ricardo Gareca, a slim, shaggy haired guy who scored a goal in the last ten minutes of the historic Peru-Argentina, (taking Argentina to Mexico 1986) now is the DT for Peru, and his team is set to play Argentina, on Thursday October 5th. 

It was June 1985 and Argentina was losing against Peru 2-1 in a game which Peru showed superiority. In the last ten minutes when Peru could taste the glory of going to the WC again (last time was ’82) and a shot from Pasarella is deviated to the post, and miraculously lands in Gareca’s feet, who en converts that ball into a ticket to Mexico 1986, while Peru stayed with a playoff after losing. 

Argentina and Peru are set to play in La Bombonera (Home stadium to Boca Juniors). Peru has a victorious energy, after defeating Ecuador in Quito for the first time in the teams history (2850m altitude affects the player’s ability to oxygenate the body) and have one more Victory than Argentina (7-6) though they have both 24 pts. Argentina, on the other hand, is defeated, since their tie with Venezuela, playing in Argentina (games played a local, carry more weight if won, and equally more negativity if lost). So Argentina is obliged to win, of not they will lose their opportunity to compete in Russia 2018. 


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