President Donald Trump Waives Jones Act to Aide Puerto Rico

Recently, The American territory of Puerto Rico has been hit with two category five hurricanes in the span of a week and a half. Predicted to be without power for four to six weeks, the Puerto Rico mayor has reached out begging the United States for help saving the people of the country.

While a few organizations and departments have reached out to help Puerto Rico it has not been enough. With a short of fuel and medical supplies people are beginning to die, claiming sixteen lives from the storm alone.

The Jones Act puts limitations on trade between the United States and flagged vessels; however, after President Trimp’s waiver of the Act, the terrortiy should expect to receive more aide from the federal government.

Never fully accepted as a state both by law and by a large proportion of the American people, it appears that while Puerto Rico is under American jurisdiction, they are receiving significantly less aide than domestic states have in the face of devastation.  However, again with ththe life of this Act, hopefully conditions will begin to improve in Puerto Rico.


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