Mexican university announces feminism debate dominated by men

Mexican feminist, Marta Lamas, has inspired a discussion of feminism, but without women. The event called “Marta Lamas in dialogue with XY”, is made up of a panel of 11 men discussing a wide range of topics that deal with feminism, rights, and the market.

The event is going to be held at the National Autonomous University of Mexico in Mexico City. The event will be a day long event on the 11th of October.

“Marta Lamas in dialogue with XY” has caused many protests and a lot of criticism to Marta Lamas and the discussion.

“I have spent 48 years discussing feminism on panels only with women, and this time I thought, ‘OK, let’s see what men have to say’.”

-Marta Lamas

Marta Lamas is a leading feminist in Mexico and has arranged for the discussion to honor her 70th birthday.

Many events in the past months have sparked debates on how men should enter into discussion on feminism.



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