The World’s Driest Desert Blooms With Hundreds of Flowers After Rare Rain

Located in Chine, the Atacama Desert stands as the world’s driest desert. The Atacama Desert is known for its dry climate and draws many scientists in to use it as a resource to compare to Mars since Mars is also known for its dry climate. By comparing the two, it helps scientists understand what living conditions could potentially be like on Mars. How cool is it that earthly conditions are helping scientists learn about other planets while never leaving our planet Earth? To continue, recently within the last couple of months, heavy rainstorms have come over the region. When the heavy rain does come down, seeds in the ground begin to grow. However, the scientists did not expect the phenomenon that they saw this year. The Atacama Desert experienced and grew an overwhelming amount of flowers (200 different types) blooming in a bountiful amount of colors and overcoming the desert making its display of a dry climate disappear. This event in Chile is referred to as desierto florido or flowering desert. What makes this event so special and significant is that it online occurs every five to seven years! These flowers should last until about November so catch them while you can! However, unfortunately, heavy rain showers that cause so much beauty can also bring a tragedy. 2 years when a heavy rain storm came it resulted in seven deaths and damage to many things. It is truly amazing what nature is able to cultivate and create. Each living being should draw attention to events like these especially since they don’t occur often. Everyone should take advantage of this while they can.


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