Ecuador’s youngest VP in the history of the Republic. 

María Alejandra Vicuña, a 39 year old Guayaquilean clinical psychologist, with experience in Marketing and legislation is the new VP of the Republic.

 Vicuña, was appointed by Lenin Moreno, after the ex VP, Jorge Glas, was placed in preventive prison (a probation of sorts) due to his links with corruption cases in the Mega case of Odebrecht. The constitution (the latest one of 20) allows the president to appoint a VP in case of destitution or death. Contrary to the US, where the Speaker of the House assumes the position. 

    Ma. Alejandra Vicuña, graduated from Universidad de Guayaquil with a degree in Clinical Psychology. She later worked for the Servicio de Rentas Internas (IRS), as well as a manager in Marketing in the Tourism Ministry in the Coastal Region.  She was an assemblywoman representing Gye (Guayaquil) in two terms between 2009 and 2017. Lenin Moreno appointed her last May as Minister of Urban Development and Living. 

    She will also have at her hands, the very important task of following the Referendum regarding several national interest topics. Lenin Moreno proposed the Referendum to Ecuadoreans recently. The VP, will be occupying the position “during the temporary time that Ing. Jorge Glas is unable to exercise his duties” as the decree stated. 

Ing. Jorge Glas

      Some analysts consider it very positive that Glas has left the Vicepresidency, since they say that Moreno will greatly benefit from it, given that Lenin Moreno had a disagreement with Glas, which was graciously left behind by Econ. Rafael Correa Delgado, the Republic’s previous president. Moreno currently also has enmity with Correa. This is largely due to the cameras that Correa left behind in the Palace of Carondelet, to spy on Moreno.


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