Storm Nate: At least 22 dead in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Honduras

Even though Nate was still classsified as a tropical storm on October 6, does not make it any less deadly. The storm hit Costa Rica first, where a confirmed 8 people died. Around 400,000 people are without runnning water and several thousand are sleeping in shelters due to the massive destruction the country has faced from all of the rain. The rain has caused landslides and floods, which have in turn destoyed bridges and houses. On Wedsnesday, a group of people become stuck when their bus became trapped by two landslides on the Inter-American Highway. All train jounreys cancelled and many flights were too.

Nate moved on to Nicaragua next, klling 11 people.  After that, 3 people were killed in Honduras and one in El Salvador. The man that died in El Salvador died via burial under mudlside. Many more have been reported missing in Honduras, which is not looking like it is going to take a pleasant turn. I am sure that several more bodies will be uncovered after water levels fall and debris is cleared away.

Nate is  set to hit the southern coast of the U.S. on Sunday; the storm has the possibility to evolve into a category 1 hurricane before making landfall.


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