Peru Oil Ban

In one particular area of Peru, bordering Brazil, is in danger of consist misuse of natural resources. Companies have been logging as well as oil companies pushing for right to drill for oil on land meant for indigenous people. Since the early 2000s, Yavari-Tapiche have been pushing to get boarders for nature reserves for indigenous people and to protect the land from logging and oil companies with not much luck.

“Pérez Rubio calls the indigenous people in “isolation” in the proposed reserve “gravely threatened” – and potentially more so if an oil company operated there.”

The AIDESEP with the assistance of IDL have been resulting to legal action and pushing the government to section off land as nature reserves and land for Indigenous people. The government has been skirting around this decision for months but the AIDESEP is confident that their demands and wishes will be met within the next few months.

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