Argentine Airlines suspends flights to Venezuela

The political unrest, violence and instability in Venezuela had led Argentine Airlines, and several others, to suspend flights going to the capital city of Caracas. Peter Cerdá, vice-president of Iata, states that due to the increase in isolationism by Venezuela, he does not see any solutions occurring short term. He mentions that he has seen a seventy-five percent drop in the traffic coming to Venezuela just over the last four years. Iata is the trade body for world airlines. Other issues that have led countries to halt flights to Venezuela steam from the tight control the Venezuelan government has over the amount of foreign currency allowed into their market. Other countries and airlines that have suspended flights to Venezuela include United and Delta in the United States, and the German airline Lufthansa. Lufthansa suspended their fights back in 2016. Panamanian airline Copa, Pedro Heilbron stated that, in an effort to not abandon the Venezuelan market, they will continue to run flights into Venezuela. The crew, however does not stay the night in the city. Those that bought a ticket on Argentine Airlines will be reimbursed by the airline.


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