13 killed after riots in Mexican prison

Thirteen people have been killed after a riot broke out in a Mexican jail in the Northern part of Nuevo Leon. According to local media, around 250 inmates rose up and fought against the security forces. The state government also explained that lethal force was used to regain control of the prison after three guards were taken hostage.

Not only were there disturbances in the prison, but there were  many friends and relatives of prisoners outside the jail. The people outside also ended up clashing with police while waiting on news of their loved ones inside.

These fights were believed to be gang related, flaring up a little on Tuesday morning and finally fully erupting mid morning. Along with the riots, smoke was seen over the jail, resulting in one inmate dying in the fire. Many were reported to be injured and are still being treated.

This follows many other riots that occurred in prisons previous years. One example is the riot at Topo Chico prison that left 49 dead.



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