State Elections in Venezuela: Key numbers. 

23 States will elect new Governor’s in Venezuela, after 4 months of protesting, two of apparent truce, the Venezuelan people will vote this Sunday. 
The country has a horrid economic crisis, high inflation, scarce food, higiene items and access to medicine. The most favorable party, the MUD (Mesa de la Unidad Democrática), which is projected to win 18/23 States. One thing that analysts do encourage, though, is the people’s participation. The PSUV (Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela) is seeking to prevent MUD from winning as well as reduce the desolate feeling among Venezuela’s citizens. 
Some numbers to consider:
23 – Governorates up for elections. (20 in hands of the RBV (Revolución Bolivariana de Venezuela), 3 in the oppositions)

90.2% – of people surveyed believe that the country is in a negative situation. 

75.6% – Thinks that the work of Nicolás Maduro is negative. 

51.7% – is willing to vote for the oppositions and 20.7% are indecisive . 

70.3% –  believe that elections im Venezuela are fraudulent. 

Of the 23 states the most desired, or sought for victory are: Barinas, Bolívar, Carabobo, Miranda y Zulia.

Barinas- Chavez’ homestate. 

Bolivar- biggest state in the nation. Most of jobs are for basic industry. Ilegal mining causes a lot of conflict. 

Carabobo- Big industrial state, particular hub for automobile industry. Most plants are paralized due to the crisis. Alternate between opposition and oficialismo (Chavez-Maduro).

Miranda- Where Caracas is located. Second largest state with electoral population. State  with high violence index. 

Zulia: – Most densely populated state and most electorally registered citizens according to census. Great oil state, due to the access to Lago Maracaibo. 40% of oil production concentrated in Zulia. Opposition state, until Francisco Arias Cárdenas (won in 2012, now seeks reelection)


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