Southern Brazilians Vote on Referendum

In the southern states of Brazil an informal poll was conducted on whether or not citizens would prefer to see the southern part of Brazil become an independent country. Hoping to get over three million votes, leader Celso Deucher, and others believe that the government of Brazil has gotten to an apex of corruptness and fear there is no saving it.

Another concern of the public is that of unfair taxation. The number of states above Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, and Parana, give a significant amount less in taxes than the three states combined; however, the size of the population in regards to voting numbers equal out. Believing that the federal government already favors the north-east region already, those in the south have begun to issue for independence from an allegedly corrupt government.

Last year a poll previously was conducted and showed some interest; however, Brazilians believe that this movement will once again fail, not only because it is deemed unconstitutional, but also because of the lack of violence against the states.

However, this movement has left the political ruling class without support and the election is now wide open for next year.


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