Tragic death of 86 year old woman discovered in Chile


Early in the morning of October 15th, an elderly woman in the Coquimbo region of Chile was discovered dead upon arrival of law enforcement agencies. The cause of the death seems to have originated from a fire that engulfed the entire house on the ironically named Charming Street.

The Homicide sector of the Investigative Police, in accordance with the labs they work with, have identified the victim as 86 year old Leticia Muñoz Suazo. While the community is considering this a severe tragedy and family of Suazo is being contacted, investigators have labeled this fire as a “careless act” on part of Suazo.

The origins of the fire have been linked to an iron that was left on in the bedroom of Suazo. Even further however, the iron was found on her bed, which makes investigators wonder about why it had been left there, and whether it was on purpose or simply a careless mistake. Suazo lived in a wooden house on Charming Street, which made the fire spread even faster and in a more deadly manner.

In an even more tragic turn of events, it was clear to those investigating that Suazo had tried to exit the house before the flames engulfed everything, but was unsuccessful in her attempts to do so.

Further examinations will be done to determine the exact cause of death, whether it did come from the fire itself, or another avenue. Investigators are still at the scene as well to flesh out any other precipitating causes to the fire on Charming Street.

Read the original story on EMOL here:


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