Venezuelan “Elections”: From Bullets to Ballots

Earlier Today (10/15/2017), Venezuela held elections to decide the governorship of their 23 states. The studies show the pro-government loyalists only hold the majority of 3 states currently. According to an analysis by the Eurasia Group, a political risk research and consulting firm, “If the vote were to be completely free and fair, the [opposition] would likely win between 18 and 21 states.”

Up until the lead up to the election, the National Electoral Council had moved polling sites that were in strong Opposition territory, a move criticized by the Opposition stating that the NEC were trying to boost pro-government candidates and making the ballots confusing for the voters. The United States had added their two cents into the situation, also criticizing the NEC, stating that “the fairness of the electoral process” was in questions.

The Venezuelan government responded stating that the move was in the best interest of security, as the United States’ statement was an “aggression perpetrated against our sovereignty.”

However, the government must have gotten the result that they wanted as voters were very confused in finding their polling station. One Venezuelan citizen, Ludmilla Velez Lascar, was hellbent on casting her vote. She stated,  “Maybe they don’t want my vote. “But we have to vote. We have to elect … our governors.”

If another election erupts in violence, then the true colors of the Venezuelan government will show. If Maduro wants to continue the legacy of Hugo Chavez and be the champion of the workers, then he must show them democracy and true socialism. Like all things, only time will tell, and hopefully the loss of life will be minimized.

Venezuelans face long lines, confusion in first major vote since violent election


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