Venezuela elections neither ‘free nor fair’, says US

The State Governors election held this past Sunday in Venezuela has received negative feedback from opposing leaders about the fairness of the election. Issues such as last minute changes to polling stations that were unannounced, manipulation of ballot layouts, the strategic low availability of opposition neighborhoods.  Supporters of the current President Maduro won 17 out of 23 state governorships. The National Electoral Council are the ones who announced the results and have been accused of pro-government bias. President Maduro was quoted saying that Venezuela has “the best electoral system in the world” after the landslide victory his socialist party, known as the Chavismo.

The United States has already imposed sanctions in the past on the Venezuelan government. President Maduro generally thrives off of conflicts between the United States and the European Union. Further penalties will likely occur after this recent election. Nicki Haley, UN Ambassador, has called for an audit of the electoral process. The State Department compares President Maduro to an authoritarian dictatorship.



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