Amazon deforestation is down by 16% in the year to July 2017 compared to the previous 12 months, the Brazilian government says.


Despite the optimistic title to the news article from BBC, a prevailing sense of pessimism prevails over the Brazilian government as they seek to promote environmentalism in the wake of omnipresent Amazonian deforestation. The overall statistics of Brazilian study do not reflect the accurate truth in this matter, as though deforestation has dropped in certain Brazilian states, it has risen in others. Some environmentalists cynically – and arguably precisely – argue that the drop in deforestation rates are not due to a changing of a collective Brazilian ecological attitude, but are rather caused by a drop in demand and subsequent drop in economic gain from raising livestock (which is the main culprit for the deforestation of the Amazon). All in all, the Brazilian government wishes to address the attitude of indifference that plagues its citizens (and the world, for that matter), as it acknowledges that apathy is no way to combat changing environmental conditions.



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