Argentina halts election campaign after body, thought to be missing activist, found

The body, thought to be of a young protester who went missing two months ago, was found recently in the Chubut river. Many election campaigns in the country are suspending their campaigns in light of the discovery. Argentine President Mauricio Macri stated that the Cambiemos coalition would be taking part in this. Cristina Fernández, former President of Argentina who is currently vying for the senate, also suspended her campaigning. The body was found near a protest sight where Santiago Maldonado, indigenous rights activist, had last been seen two months ago. Some believe that the Argentine government may have taken and covered up Santiago Maldonado and his disappearance.

What makes this article interesting is the theories of government involvement in the disappearance of Maldonado, and the possible relationship it may have with the found remains of the protester. Because of the Argentine government’s difficult history in taking people who had supposedly “disappeared,” topics that deal mysteriously with missing activists. So close to big elections (a week away) in Argentina, it will be interesting to see if any public opinion is swayed out of fear that the government may be taking part in oppressive activities. While President Macri says that there is no evidence that Maldonado was detained by the government, the general public may still be swayed in some way out of fear that the current regime may be involved in the disappearances of more people.


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