World Cup 2018: Panama Declares Public Holiday After Qualifying

For years, Panama has tried so hard to qualify for the World Cup in soccer, or as football as they know it. Since 1978, they have tried qualify and finally in 2017, they qualified and will participate in the 2018 competition. The competition will set in Russia in June 2018. On a Tuesday in early October, the national team of Panama played Costa Rica in Panama City. With some debate over whether or not Panama’s first goal actually crossed the line, the national team beat Costa Rica in a 2-1 match. This victory made every Panamanian celebrate all night long, especially after the president of Panama announcing that the following day, Wednesday, would now be a national holiday for the national team qualifying for the World Cup for the first time ever. This day meant that private and public workers along with students would get the day off to celebrate. In the article, a video is featured of people all along the streets of Panama City celebrating. Along with the Panama national team, other qualifiers for the North and Central American region are Mexico and Costa Rica. Unfortunately, the United States was originally qualifying but lost against the bottom-team Trinidad and Tobago. Honduras will play Australia soon. This event is a first for Panama but hopefully they will be successful in this event and will continue to make many more “first time evers”.


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