Medical Marijuana Bill passes in Peru’s Conservative Congress

Just this Thursday, possibly to the astonishment of a  lot of people (considering that Peru’s congress is an extremely right-wing majority) a bill was passed to legalize Medical Marijuana in a 68-5 vote. This is a major victory for sufferers of epilepsy and seizures, as medical marijuana has been proven to treat the symptoms of the illnesses and decrease the likelihood of them happening. Marijuana seems to have two active chemicals that scientist believe have medicinal applications, these being cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). However using Marijuana for non-medicinal purposes (perhaps recreational uses like smoking pot) can lead to dependency, memory, and emotional issues if it is abused. Not only does Marijuana treat mental illnesses like seizures and epilepsy, marijuana could have potential uses in slowing down the growth of Alzheimer’s, prevent cancer from spreading any further; treat anxiety and even those who suffer from muscle spasms and arthritis, among many other applications. Peru’s fellow neighbors Chile and Colombia have legalized the sale of medical marijuana, but Uruguay has fully legalized the use of marijuana, both medicinal and recreational. Peru will now vote on regulations for the sale of medicinal marijuana, but still, this is a huge step in helping the sick and ill people who need it. Now if only the U.S. could fully legalize it….



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