Santiago Maldonado’s Body found, after months of uncertainty.

The body of Santiago Maldonado has been found after months of not  knowing where he had been. 

September was the scenario for protest in Buenos Aires for the activist’s disappearance. 

Santiago Maldonado, a 28-year old Argentine activist, disappeared after he was last seen in a demonstration that protested to rights of the Manpuche indigenous. His disappearance caused a national shock, in Argentina, where congressional elections are set to take place on Sunday. All electoral campaigns have been suspended in light of the news. His body is being transported to Bs As for identification. His family has declared that the investigation has been completed and that the media outlets respect their privacy at this very difficult time. The family has also requested a post mortem procedure. 

Santiago, whom was last seen in Patagonia, was found near a river bed in the Patagonian region, where the body was found with clothes that the authorities say we’re similar to the ones Santiago was seen wearing before he disappeared. 

According to the authorities, the police had clashed with protesters due to a roadblock that had been erected at Ruta 40, the road that crosses Argentina from North to South. The police denied ever detaining Maldonado, while left wing groups, union leaders and activists had called on Macri’s government to be more proactive in finding him. The government had denied any allegations of covering up the disappearance. 

Macri the offered $30,000 as a reward for any information on his disappearance. Santiago’s brother called for an independent investigation outside of the one, that the Federal police conducted. 
The election results could be impacted by this discovery.


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