Venezuelan judges receive asylum into Chile by Foreign Minister


Several judges, with one more on the way, who worked in the Embassy in Caracas, Venezuela have arrived in Santiago, Chile after receiving approval for asylum into the country. This was granted by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Heraldo Muñoz, who met them upon their arrival.

The judges have been granted ID cards that will allow them residency for at least two years within Chile, although they will be labeled as “foreigners” still.

Asylum had been granted by Muñoz towards the end of August, but the judges just now entered into Chile. The names of the judges are Elenis Rodríguez del Valle, José Fernando Núñez Sifontes, Beatriz Ruiz Merino, Zuleima del Valle González and Luis Marcano Salazar.

All of these judges are members of Venezuela’s Supreme Court of Judges, and all felt some sort of persecution under the Venezuelan government, underneath the rule of Nicolás Maduro. Rodríguez, one of the most outspoken of the judges who were granted asylum is quoted to have said, “They forced us to leave our beloved country Venezuela.”

This is because of the certain rights and freedoms they have all publicly supported which do not align with Maduro’s ideal society for how politicians and lawmakers should act.

Leading the way in Latin American relations, Muñoz shared to the public that essentially, Chile is a nation which accepts those who “believe that (their) security is in danger,” and want freedom against oppression which comes directly from the government. This is a huge stride in International law and human rights as a whole, and truly shines as a beacon to other Latin American countries on how to possibly treat their neighbors who might be in need of assistance.

Read the full article on EMOL here:


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