Argentina’s Center-Right makes gains in midterm election

Mr. Macri, who has served in office since 2015, has made large party gains throughout the weekend. His party, the Republican Proposal, is of pro-market, center-right organization, and has promised to heal the broken economy.

Macri’s win comes from a large amount of public support by Argentinians who strongly believe in economic change. Macri has promised to impose policies which favor the market, which will hopefully inspire economic growth in a time of desperate need.

Ex-president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, has recently been facing some corruption charges. After the election, Ms. Kirchner secured a place within the senate, which will grant her complete immunity from any prospective charges.

Although Macri is looking at a win for the presidency, there are still stones unturned. Many low-income Argentinian families are disgruntled at pro-market policies. They much preferred past generous state action. Hopefully Macri balances his power and thinks about the people behind the market, and not just the people profiting off the market.

Argentina election: Macri wins crucial mid-term vote


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