Peru legalizes medical marijuana

In a move that was pushed by the group, Buscando Esperanza (Searching for Hope), Peru just passed medical marijuana with a vote of 68-5. This law legalizes marijuana for the treatment of the seriously and terminally ill.

The movement for legalization came about after the group, Buscando Esperanza’s, makeshift laboratory was raided by police. This group was made mostly of mothers that made marijuana oil for their sick children.

We’ve insured that thousands of patients and their family members will enjoy a better quality of life.” -Alberto de Belaunde (lawmaker and advocate of proposal)

Many say that this is a “step in the right direction”,  but many also worry about the regulations, and a sharp increase of price with other organizations and laboratories importing it. One of the mothers explained that the homemade oil was a fraction of the cost and over 300 patients were able to use it because of its low cost. If there were an increase in prices, many would not be able to buy medical marijuana.

Peru is now the 6 country in Latin America to legalize marijuana in some way.




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