Drunk Driver kills Athlete during Costa Rica half-marathon

As nineteen police officers had supposedly been designated to maintain traffic as a half-marathon occurred in San José, the capital in Costa Rica,  a 26 year old drunk driver broke through the traffic, driving through the police cordon and then hitting David Yáñez Pacheco. Yáñez was a man whom had recently left Venezuela and pursued a career among other Venezuelan athletes competing abroad because the Venezuelan economy had took a terrible turn. Yáñez found a home in the house of Laurens Molina, a Costa Rican Paralympian. The nature of athletes like Yáñez is that athletes will train multiple times a day and have a great amount of motivation because they know that if they achieve their goals and win races and other events. Then they have a greater shot at a better life and future. If Yáñez had won the race, his plans were to send the money that he won back to his son in Venezuela. Mr. Molina and another Venezuelan runner Angelo Olivo had also been participating in the half marathon, but then they looked around and their friend was nowhere to be seen. They questioned what had happened to their friend, but what had happened was that the drunk driver had drove through the police cordon and hit Yáñez. The driver attempted to run away but the police caught him before he got too far. Unfortunately, it was a sad day in Costa Rica and for the Venezuelan people because Yánez passed as he was being transported to the hospital. This event made the marathon officials really question if they had completed all the precautions that were needed for this type of event.




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