U.S. blocks illegal timber imports from Peru timber exportation company

Under the banner of Donald Trump’s supposed protection of U.S. economic interests has blocked yet another load of illegally logged timber from a logging company in Peru called Peruvian Inversiones Oroza. But this isn’t new, however, for the past three years, the United States has blocked imports from this logging company because they don’t fall into the laws of the Peru Trade Promotion Agreement with the United States (which was created in 2009). The bilateral deal allows the United States to request Peruvian authorities to verify the origin of products such as timber. A Peruvian probe found that ‘significant portions of the Oroza shipment were not compliant with Peru’s law”. U.S. Trade Representative Robert Ligthizer said in the following statement: Illegal logging destroys the environment and undermines US timber companies and American workers who are following the rules”. He also specified that the U.S. government will continue to keep an eye on Peru to see if they will continue to comply with the obligations of the agreement. Though this a rather oddly positive move by the Trump cabinet, as it helps protect the Peruvian Amazon Forest which is the second largest in the world behind that of Brazils; it will be hard for the sanctions to make any impact on the timber industry in Peru is highly corrupted on every level. Speaking of which Peru was one the biggest contributers to the timber industry in the Unirtes States, they have a value of over 24 million dollars in timber.



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