Argentine ex-minister being held on Corruption Charges

Julio de Vido, Argentina’s former planning minister is currently being held by law enforcement under corruption charges, an issue that anything but new to many Latin American countries.

Along with himself, many others from the same administration, 2003-2015, have been arrested for corruption charges, and like de Vido, have denied as such.

During his time, de Vido handled projects that could be worth millions, such as the project aimed at revamping the Rio Turbio coal mines, which he is said to of embezzled money from. Because of his status as a law maker at the time, Mr. de Vido was immune from prosecution; however, now that he is out of office, him and his colleges are facing the consequences of their actions.

One issue that arises here, as it is in many other surrounding countries, is the distrust that is forming between the government and the people. If a majority of the government is corrupt and essentially taking from the people, it is no wonder that there is not alliance between the law makers and those who are supposed to support them.

The individual who de Vido served under, Ms. Fernandez, currently has immunity due to her service in the Senate; however, as we have just seen with de Vido, that immunity can be stripped at any moment given the severity of the allegations.


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