Leading Opposition Parties in Venezuela will Boycott December’s Municipal Elections

As a means of protest against the Maduro dictatorship in Venezuela, three leading opposition parties will boycott the upcoming elections in December. The three groups, Justice First, Popular Will, and Democratic Action party, all deemed the electoral process in Venezuela to be biased, and have claimed that since at least 2013, Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro has rigged the elections. According to the opposition leaders, time and energy would be best served trying to reform the political institutions in their country, rather than by wasting more time attempting to win elections that, from their point of view, are illegitimate. Henry Ramos Allup, from the Democratic Action party, said that the groups “will continue fighting for fair elections. Other dictatorships have fallen because of people’s demands for a free vote.”

Maduro, of course, says that his opponents are simply sour from losing in the past elections, and implied that they were all behaving cowardly by removing themselves from the ballot: “When they lose, they denounce fraud. And when they know they are going into an election in an unfavorable position, instead of fighting they pull out.”

However, it is of note that there are significant divisions from within the opposition efforts in Venezuela. Earlier this week, former presidential candidate Henrique Capriles, the main opposition leader, left the coalition, stating that he “would not be part” of the opposition coalition anymore “because it is not unified as a concept or a vision”.



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