Barbuda PM calls for help from Britain to rebuild island devastated by hurricane

The Prime Minister of Barbuda, Gaston Browne, recently states that he believes Britain should provide more effort to help rebuild the country. 95% of Barbuda was destroyed or impacted in some way by Hurricane Irma, and with what has seemed like little assistance from the British, Prime Minister Browne is somewhat upset. Technically, the Queen is the head of state of Barbuda, which is still considered part of the British commonwealth, making a decent case for why the British should give more aid in the efforts to rebuild the island. Prime minister Browne believes that because the island has a decently high per capita income, at least compared to other Caribbean countries, they were being overlooked. However, the British Department for International Development has sent the Antiguan and Barbudan Red Cross $300,000, along with 14 million pounds from 2016 until 2024 to help build more more climate-resistant infrastructure.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne makes an interesting proposal. Specifically, it is interesting to consider whether he actually believes that the British have an obligation provide more support for rebuilding efforts, or if he is just desperate for some sort of support. It is also interesting because he brings another issue into the mix by saying that the hurricanes (or at least the increase in frequency of hurricanes) are in large part due to climate change that is perpetuated by the large industrial nations. He does not appear to say it directly, but it seems as if he is saying that because the industrial nations are responsible for climate change, they should take responsibility for the damage that comes from it, such as the destruction of the hurricanes.


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