Colombia’s ELN Rebels Admit Killing Indigenous Leader

The National Liberation Army (ELN) rebels are a group of Marxist guerrillas that was established in 1964. The ELN’s main objective was to advocate and fight against Colombia’s unequal land and riches distribution. This movement is an expanded movement from the Cuban Revolution of 1959. Not only has that ELN fought against Colombia, but it has also fought against large land holders and multi-national companies. They also are known for blowing up oil pipelines. These events have taken place over the past years and still continue to happen. In addition, the Army supports itself financially through kidnapping and drug trafficking. Recently though, the group confessed to killing an indigenous leader in the north of Colombia, but for “self-defence”. Aulio Isarama Forastero was accused by the group of having connections to intelligence services. Isarama was kidnapped and taken to an interrogation site so that the group could question him about the intelligence services when Isarama attacked one of the members of the group. Despite the kidnapping, the gunfire was only a result because of Isarama’s drastic moves against the guerrillas. The only reason that the gun was fired was because Isarama had attacked one of the guerrillas and it was only “self-defense”. The ELN took full responsibility of this tragedy this past Sunday. In the last couple of months, the ELN and the government have been attempting to settle peace negotiations. This event could take the organization two different ways, even deeper into their attacks or closer to make negotiations with the government.


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