Marxist Rebel Group Kills Indigenous Leader

Communism is slowly becoming an ideology of the past across the globe. However, there are still multiple nations that have groups who still support Marxist ideas.

Monday, October 30, 2017, it was reported that a Marxist activist group had killed an indigenous leader, Aulio Isarama Forastero for supposedly having ties to investigative services.

About a year ago, the ELN, or the National Liberation Army had agreed to a cease fire for a period of time; however, this act could be the first act of many of continued warfare in Colombia. The battle between the government and the rebels is currently the only war being fought on home soil on the Western Hemisphere, and previous talks on the cease fire had instilled hope of hemispheric peace soon to come.

Founded in 1964, the ELN formed to fight against the unequal distribution of land and pay in Colombia and supports itself through kidnappings and drug trafficking, both large commodities in many Latin American countries.

The fear of communism died down in Latin America around the 1990s, other than Cuba. And even though the leaders of the group claims that it had not authorized the killing of Forastero, it believes that doing so was an act of self-defense rather than terror. Despite the intent of the kill, the murder is sure to bring about more social unrest in Colombia.


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