Former Vice-President Amado Boudou Arrested?!

Amado Boudou, the former vice-president of Argentina and the second major government official to be charged under the suspicion of corruption while working under the former administration of President Cristina Fernandez, was just recently detained and arrested by Argentine police as of Friday Nov. 3, 2017. While Mr. Boudou was arrested near the upper class neighborhood in Buenos Aires, he faces three charges of “illicit enrichment” for racketeering and money launder that supposedly dates back to 2009 as Mr. Boudou worked as President Cristina Fernandez economy minister and vice-president.

This of course like previously stated above, comes after Mrs Fernandez’s former planning minister, Julio De Vido, turned himself in to authorities “marking an anti-corruption milestone in a country known for impunity.”

Of course, Mr. Boudou has denied any and all wrong-doing when referring back to 2009, when he was promoted from heading Argentina’s social security administration to become Mrs Fernandez’s economy minister and then elected to serve as her vice-president during her re-election in 2011. Mr. Boudou lawyer states that the arrest on Friday was “arbitrary.” “We never had any problems, and overnight, just in the week that there is a complaint to the Magistrates Council, and the arrest was ordered.”

Sadly the supposed mastermind behind all of this, Mrs. Fernandez holds immunity from the prosecution setting since being elected as a senator within the fairly recent October polls. In a statement on Friday afternoon, Fernandez’s “Citizens’ Unity” party accused Macri of using the judicial system to persecute political opponents, putting Argentine democracy “at risk.” This in and of itself has many wondering why hasn’t the government begun to interfere with the case and demand for further investigation to continue as Mrs. Fernandez, at least for now, gets away from her charges for free.


Such corruption by government officials in Latin America countries is seemingly becoming more prominent as time continues to pass on, leaving one to only wonder, how long may this trend continue and which countries could also be affected next? “Former Minister for Argentina Arrested”


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