Presidential candidate Alejandro Guillier making waves in Chilean politics

Chilean Presidential Candidate Alejandro Guillier has announced that on November 7th, him and his team will be releasing a 180 page document essentially outlining more of what he will do should he be elected the new president of Chile. As of now, Guillier is currently a Senator and is running as part of the Social Democratic Radical Party.

Many different proposals are set forth in this document, which he briefly discussed at a press conference, giving light to some of the more important ideas which could bring true change to the country and his people. Even though his ideas could be considered more progressive than some of the other candidates, he is one of the last to release such a document to the public, which has made him receive some backlash.

However, it will need to be decided on November 7th if this will actually work in Guillier’s favor, as he was able to see political reactions to all of the other candidate’s proposals and could have changed his agenda accordingly.

Some of the biggest aspects that Guillier has announced are the constitutional reforms which he feels will benefit Chile and it’s citizens most. One of these reforms includes lowering the voting age from 18 years old to 16 years old, giving more of a voice to the younger generations which are slowly but surely starting to outnumber the older generations in size and political activeness.

The candidate also chose to comment on and make references to the ongoing indigenous conflict occurring in Chile. He did not outright say “Mapuche,” but when he spoke about indigenous communities that he believed should be able to “coexist” within Chile, it was clear to everyone who he was speaking about.

This could potentially make him an extremely polarized candidate, as many people only fall on one side of this debate or the other, and depending on where the majority lies, his support for the indigenous could be detrimental to his candidacy. Not only does Guillier believe that these different communities should be able to coexist peacefully, he wants to include pieces into the Constitution that mandate it.

Following on this same theme of cultural unity, Guillier also will propose the creation of a TV station and other media that will have the sole purpose of being able to distribute “cultural content” amongst Chilean residents. In the same progressive way, he would also like to reduce or even get rid of taxes on books in order to better encourage citizens to read and even further educate themselves on other topics.

This is something that definitely separates him from the other candidates who have already served as President of Chile and are focusing on other aspects during their campaign. This could be because they already have the experience and truly understand where their time should be devoted to. However, even with that being said, the measures and proposals that Guillier is considering proposing are truly looking out for certain marginalized groups of people and the “underdogs” so to speak of Chilean society. This could truly make him seem more appealing to groups where other candidates might not even be reaching.

His policies towards the indigenous have already been briefly mentioned, but he aims to go even further by once again possibly granting them territorial autonomy and slowly returning land rights and other powers back to those communities. This is definitely something that alienates him from other candidates but helps in the eyes of others.

Moving forward with other groups that are sometimes underrepresented, Guillier is of the firm belief that different “methods of contraception” will be “free and guaranteed” and supported by the government, in cases that go beyond just emergencies. This is truly a step forward in the fight for women’s rights in Latin America. Beyond that however, other constitutional reforms will also include laws about gender violence and preventing it and finding true justice for it.

Overall, this specific candidate is making waves in politics due to several of his more progressive ideas. While it is still projected for one of the past presidents to win, every day this projection may slowly be changing. It is clear to see that Guillier many really be the “President for the People,” as he has been often advertised as. It will be interesting to see how the election turns out mid-november.

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