Mexico police detain US ‘sect leader’ after triple murder

An arrest was made by the Mexican security forces, with the help of the FBI, in Chihuahua for a man wanted on charges of Child abuse in the United States. The police raided three and ranches, owned by Orson William Black Jr, and arrested him, along with twenty-six other people. Black has also been suspected of killing three three US citizens, Jesse Barlow and brothers Robert and Michael Black, back in September. The child abuse charges brought against Black are from back in 2003 after two teenage girls, that he referred to as his brides, became pregnant. In Mexico, he is being brought up on several charges, including entering Mexico illegally and animal abuse. The animal abuse charges resulted after finding several animals butchered to death, including lions and zebras, on the ranch property.

Black moved to the area back in 2003, after fleeing the United States, and set up his own polygamous sect within a colony established by a Mennonite Christian group in 1922. He is thought to have lived there with his four wives, their children, and other citizens of the US.


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