Rare Porpoise Accidentally Killed During Rescue Effort

As a part of a rescue effort Monday on the Gulf of California, a rare species of porpoise was unfortunately killed. Known as the Vaquita, these rare creatures can only be found off the west coast of Mexico, and are known to be the worlds smallest porpoise. On the verge of extinction, they are only thought to be about 30 of these little guys left in the wild, as they have suffered tremendously from the practice of gillnet fishing in the Gulf of California – which has since been outlawed. As a response to the plight of the Vaquita, an activist group was formed to raise awareness for the tiny fish-like creatures, and also as a means of saving the porpoises by transporting them to protected marine reserves. Mondays find of the rare porpoise was considered a huge win for the group, The International Committee for the Recovery of the Vaquita, until it wasn’t. The Vaquita died “from complications” shortly after being pulled aboard. Irony.



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